Employee Referral Program Templates and Samples

We've created templates with everything you'll need to plan, run, track, and market your employee referral program. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Program Policy

Your employee referral program policy outlines the terms and conditions that apply to your employees. It clears up any misconceptions your employees may have about your program and sets the right expectation.

We've included more more terms and conditions in this template than you'll want to apply to your program. We recommended starting with this template and deleting the terms that don't apply to your company.

The sample policy is a google doc, and read only. You can create your own editable version by following the link, then clicking "file" -> "make a copy".

Employee Marketing Email

Getting your employees excited to refer is perhaps the most important part of your program. This HTML template will help you introduce the program, explain the rules, and instruct them on how to make referrals.

This template is HTML code, so you won't be able to send it from an ordinary mail client like Gmail or Outlook. You'll need to send it out from an email marketing tool like MailChimp.com, which is free.

Printable Flyer

Hanging some printed flyers up around the office is a great way to spread the word about your program. This flyer was designed to be printed on an ordinary 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper on an office printer.

The PDF version is ready to print and the Adobe Illustrator version (AI) is editable.

Launch Timeline

Planning your program launch can be intimidating. This launch plan will help you get organized and hit your launch milestones.

The timeline is created in Google Sheets, and is fully editable. The file we've shared is read only, but you can make your own copy that you can edit. Just follow the link, then click "file" -> "make a copy".

Tracking Referrals

Keeping track of your referrals is central to the operation of your program.

We've created this online submission form in Google Forms. It's read only, but you can create your own version by following the link, then clicking "file" -> "make a copy".

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