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Brady Banks

Brady Banks is a seasoned professional with a comprehensive background in customer success, recruitment, and financial consulting. Currently serving as the Director of Customer Success at EmployeeReferrals.com since January 2014, Brady has dedicated over a decade to enhancing the platform’s HR SaaS product. His efforts have significantly contributed to organizing and optimizing customer employee referral programs, ensuring clients achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and efficiency in their recruitment processes.

Before joining EmployeeReferrals.com, Brady was a pivotal figure at Venator Ventures from January 2009 to December 2013. As a Senior Recruiter, he played a crucial role in building startup companies, leveraging Venator’s strong endorsements from top VC firms like KPCB, Benchmark, Sequoia, and others. His work at Venator Ventures, known for its team approach to recruiting and a “who’s who” list of success stories, underscored his ability to find top talent nationwide and support the growth of start-up to medium-sized companies.

Brady’s recruitment expertise was further honed at MomentumSearch, where he specialized in filling positions at tech companies from startup phases to IPO launches. His tenure at MomentumSearch from May 2008 to January 2009 in Millbrae, CA, showcased his knack for understanding the unique needs of the tech industry and connecting talented individuals with their ideal roles.

Before embarking on his recruitment career, Brady was a Financial Consultant at AXA Advisors from December 2003 to June 2008. His role involved advising clients on financial strategies, demonstrating his analytical skills and ability to navigate complex financial landscapes.

Educationally, Brady Banks is grounded in finance, holding a BA from the University of Utah – David Eccles School of Business, obtained between 2001 and 2003. This academic foundation has provided him with a solid understanding of financial principles, which have been invaluable in his diverse career spanning financial consulting, recruitment, and customer success.

Throughout his career, Brady Banks has exemplified a commitment to excellence, a deep understanding of the industries he has served, and a proven track record of contributing to the success of companies and individuals alike. His multifaceted expertise and leadership qualities make him a distinguished professional in the field of customer success and recruitment.

“To be a CEO is a calling. You should not do it because it is a job. It is a calling, and you have got to be involved in it with your head and heart.”

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