Director of Marketing

Ryan Whetten

Ryan Whetten has carved a notable path through the marketing and creative sectors, showcasing a diverse skill set that spans from strategic marketing to creative design. His career journey reflects a blend of leadership roles and hands-on creative work, underlining his ability to adapt and excel in various facets of business and customer engagement.

As the Director of Marketing at, Ryan has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s marketing strategies. His work involves steering the marketing team towards achieving the company’s objectives, enhancing brand visibility, and driving engagement through innovative referral programs. His expertise in digital marketing, combined with a deep understanding of customer behavior, has enabled him to implement effective marketing campaigns that resonate with both clients and their audiences.

Before his tenure at, Ryan served as an Event Manager at 3 Key Elements, where he honed his skills in event planning and management. In this role, he was responsible for orchestrating a wide range of events, from workshops and seminars to large-scale conferences. His ability to manage logistics, coordinate with vendors, and ensure a seamless experience for attendees and speakers alike has been instrumental in the success of numerous events.

Ryan’s creative journey also led him to Strongbrook, where he embraced the role of Creative Director. His responsibilities included overseeing the creative process, from concept development to execution, ensuring that all creative outputs aligned with the company’s vision and goals. His leadership not only fostered a culture of creativity and innovation but also significantly contributed to strengthening the company’s brand identity.

In addition to his leadership roles, Ryan has demonstrated his creative prowess as a Graphic Designer at the Missionary Training Center. Here, he was tasked with creating visual content that supports training materials, presentations, and promotional materials. His ability to translate complex ideas into compelling visual stories has greatly enhanced the learning experience for trainees and supported the center’s educational goals.

Ryan’s career also includes a customer-centric role as a Customer Service Advisor at Jiffy Lube, where he developed a strong foundation in customer service. This experience equipped him with the skills to understand and meet customer needs effectively, a quality that has been a consistent thread throughout his career.

Ryan Whetten’s career trajectory is a testament to his versatility and commitment to excellence. Whether leading marketing initiatives, managing events, directing creative projects, designing impactful visuals, or engaging with customers, Ryan has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive results and make a positive impact on the organizations he has been a part of. His diverse skill set and experiences make him a valuable asset in any role he undertakes, with a unique perspective that bridges the gap between creative design and strategic marketing.

“To be a CEO is a calling. You should not do it because it is a job. It is a calling, and you have got to be involved in it with your head and heart.”

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