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EmployeeReferrals.com is led by a visionary team of professionals who are deeply committed to transforming the landscape of talent acquisition through innovative technology and strategic insights. At the helm is co-founder Eric Shelley, whose entrepreneurial spirit and profound understanding of both the technical and human aspects of business have been instrumental in the platform’s success. The leadership at EmployeeReferrals.com is characterized by a shared belief in the power of leveraging internal networks to discover top talent, a principle that has guided the development of their cutting-edge referral platform.

This team combines a diverse range of expertise in human resources, technology, and business management to create a solution that not only simplifies the referral process but also enhances the quality of hires. They are committed to fostering a culture of engagement and satisfaction, both within their own organization and for their clients, understanding that the key to a successful referral program lies in the active participation and happiness of employees.

The leadership’s strategic vision extends beyond the operational aspects of the platform, focusing on thought leadership in the realm of workplace culture and employee engagement. Through their efforts, EmployeeReferrals.com has become a leading solution for companies looking to improve their hiring outcomes, demonstrating the effectiveness of combining technological innovation with a deep understanding of human resource practices. The leadership’s dedication to excellence and innovation has positioned EmployeeReferrals.com as a distinguished figure in the field of employee referrals, setting a new standard for how companies approach talent acquisition.

Kendall Frazier

Kendall Frazier, a Partner at Frazier Group since April 2020 and co-founder of EmployeeReferrals.com since January 2012, has significantly impacted the marketing and entrepreneurial sectors. With previous roles including VP of Marketing at SBFC Law Group and Director positions at Lendio and FundingUniverse.com, he has demonstrated expertise in digital marketing strategies across PPC, email, affiliate, video, and social media marketing. Kendall’s educational foundation in Management Information Systems from Brigham Young University complements his professional achievements, showcasing his ability to merge technical knowledge with innovative marketing solutions.

Eric Shelley

Eric Shelley, co-founder of EmployeeReferrals.com and a Brigham Young University alumnus, is a pioneering figure in the human resources sector, driving innovation with a focus on leveraging networks for talent acquisition. Based in Lehi, Utah, Eric has utilized his deep understanding of workplace dynamics, employee satisfaction, and organizational culture to develop a platform that streamlines the employee referral process, advocating for the principle that the best hires often emerge from an organization’s own network. His contributions extend to thought leadership in workplace culture, through insightful articles that highlight the importance of creating engaging and productive work environments. Eric’s efforts at EmployeeReferrals.com have significantly influenced the way companies approach hiring, marrying technological innovation with a nuanced grasp of human resource practices to enhance the efficacy of referral programs in building strong teams.

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