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EmployeeReferrals has been recently awarded by Capterra as a leader in the Employee Referral category.

We have always strived to achieve higher customer satisfaction, which is why EmployeeReferrals has been a top-rated product on all Gartner Digital Markets sites, with an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5. We would like to thank all our users for supporting us and making this possible.
Ryan Whetten
Marketing Director

Gartner Digital Markets is the world’s largest platform for finding software and services. More than 100 million people visit Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice, and UpCity across over 70 localized sites every year to read objective research and verified customer reviews that help them confidently choose the right software and services. Thousands of B2B companies work with Gartner Digital Markets to build their brand, capture buyer demand, and grow their business.
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HR Tech Award

HR Tech Award

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Leading with 4.8 rating and 42 authentic reviews

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What our clients say about our referral platform

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From the day we signed our contract, the team has made the implementation absolutely seamless. The customer service is top notch and they have helped to ensure our program has been successful from the start. 


Senior Talent Brand Strategist in US

The platform is highly user-friendly, allowing seamless transitions between admin and employee views. Adjusting settings is straightforward. The standout feature is’s excellent customer support. 


Sr. Recruiter in US

I appreciated the transparency within our corporation, being able to view all job openings available. Additionally, the referral bonus is a pleasant perk, providing extra motivation for me to recommend more individuals to join our team.


Parts Advisor in US

The ease of use from the admin interface and the integration with our ATS have been major positives of using Employee Referrals.


Recruiting Coordinator in US

Brad and Rebecca are great! They answer our questions and try and troubleshoot in a timely manner.


TA Program Consultant in US

Appreciate Employee Referrals Portal for top candidates, swift hiring, engaging employees, and ample networking chances.


Recruitment Coordinator in Philippines
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