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EmployeeReferrals.com is a comprehensive platform designed to make employee referrals easy and effective. It features a branded referral portal that is simple to use and includes powerful tools for recruiters and administrators, along with detailed analytics.

Companies benefit from EmployeeReferrals.com by seeing an increase in referral volume, as experienced by clients like Chegg. The platform’s user-friendly interface and efficient referral process encourage more employees to participate, leading to faster and more quality hires.

Key features include an employee dashboard, job search and referral pages, engagement emails, a mobile site and app, LinkedIn integration, SMS text engagement, personalized messaging, autoshare options, a leaderboard, and a comprehensive referral database.

Yes, EmployeeReferrals.com offers a progressive web app that allows employees to browse jobs, refer candidates, and share jobs on social networks right from their mobile devices.

The LinkedIn search feature pre-fills a search with job title keywords and location to help employees identify suitable candidates from their LinkedIn connections. About 32% of referrals are made using this tool, highlighting its effectiveness.

SMS text messaging as part of the EmployeeReferrals.com platform has shown to have a 4x better response rate than email, making it a highly effective way to engage with a mobile workforce.

Yes, employees can easily track the status of their referrals directly within the system, providing transparency and encouragement to participate in the referral process.

Absolutely, the platform encourages internal mobility by allowing employees to submit their applications for openings within the company. This feature can be enabled or disabled based on company policy.

EmployeeReferrals.com provides detailed analytics for employees, recruiters, and referral setups. This includes data on referral status, candidate qualifications, contact attempts, and more, offering valuable insights for optimizing the referral process.

Companies can tailor their referral campaigns to target specific actions and participation levels. They can set rewards for various goals like making referrals, applicants, interviews, or sharing jobs on social networks.

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