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Laura Bevier, Recruiting & Campus Relations Manager at the Learning Care Group administrates the Employee Referral Program.

Their referral program spans seven subsidiaries with over 900 locations. The subsidiaries represent a diverse workforce comprised of 23,000 administrators, educators, custodians, cooks, and bus drivers.

Laura presides over a group of 15 recruiters and administrators who promote the program to their employees and manage the referrals they produce.

The Challenges

Prior to implementing EmployeeReferrals, referrals were submitted via email and tracked in excel spreadsheets.
To make matters worse, employees were instructed to submit a referral after a hire was made. This created an opportunity for fraud with some employees claiming to have referred people they didn’t know.

  • Identifying fraud.

  • Engaging employees at the subsidiary companies

  • Getting buy-in from local school

  • Consistent enforcement of the referral policy

  • Paying out referral bonuses in a timely manner

  • Providing feedback to the referring employees

  • Prompt recruiter follow-up with referrals

The Solution

Implementation and usage

The Learning Care Group referral portal has been frequented by over 30,000 visitors in 2,000 cities across the United States. The platform has seen steadily increasing adoption since launch with over 3,200 referrals to date.

The corporate HQ in Novi, Michigan receives the most activity with schools across the United States receiving more or less equal usage as well.


Learning Care Group’s average referral hire will stay with them 2 years, as opposed to 9 months for their other hires.

Because their referral hires stay 160% longer they reduce the total recruiting and training costs by 60% for each hire that is made.

Social Shares

Over 1,900 employees are active participants in their referral program and have created over 3,300 social media posts in the past 18 months.

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