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Connect your Referral Portal with your ATS, HRIS, SSO, CRM and Payroll. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and keep your data connected, safe, and secure, emphasizes the ease and security of integrating your Employee Referral Portal with various key systems in your organization. Let’s break it down for further understanding:

Secure, Stable, and Seamless

  1. Comprehensive Integration Capabilities: Our platform is designed to seamlessly connect with a wide array of essential business systems. This includes your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for tracking referrals through the recruitment process, your Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for managing employee data, Single Sign-On (SSO) systems for simplified access, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for leveraging client and candidate relationships, and Payroll systems for handling any referral bonuses or related financial transactions.

  2. Effortless Implementation: We understand that setting up these integrations can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why our team takes on the responsibility of implementing these connections. We handle all the technical aspects – from mapping data fields to ensuring seamless data flow – so that you can focus on your core business activities without getting bogged down by the intricacies of system integration.

  3. Data Synchronization: Once integrated, our platform ensures that data across these systems remains synchronized. Whether it’s updating candidate statuses in your ATS, managing employee information in your HRIS, or processing referral rewards through your Payroll system, our platform ensures that all systems are consistently up-to-date, providing a unified view of your referral program’s performance.

  4. Security and Data Protection: In today’s digital age, data security is paramount. Our platform is built with robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive information. This includes advanced encryption and secure data handling practices to ensure that your data remains protected, both in transit and at rest, thus maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your organization’s information.

  5. Continuous Support and Maintenance: Our commitment doesn’t end with the initial setup. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that these integrations work smoothly over time. As your business evolves and as software updates are released, we’ll be there to make necessary adjustments, ensuring that your systems continue to work together effectively.

RPO or Agency

Generate more revenue per account and improve client retention by providing the world’s leading employee referral platform to your clients.


Our system requires access certain employee data, such as name, email, title, etc… We partner with HRIS systems in order facilitate more frequent and secure access to this data.


Keep interested clients happy by offering a premium referral experience. Many of our ATS partners report greater client retention as well.


Make Payroll even easier for your clients by integrating with our solution. Most of your clients already process referral bonuses, keep them happy by making it simple.


Many companies use a CRM to handle recruiter – candidate interactions. Keep your clients inside your CRM by adding referral contact to your list of value adds.


SSO is only a valuable as the services it jives with. Add value to your solution by integrating with ours.

Strategic Partnerships

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As a partner we help you to generate more revenue per account and improve client retention. You’ll work hand in hand with a dedicated channel partner who will provide guidance, support, and assistance.

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