Auto Share Manual

Increase your referral rates by sharing job openings or seeking candidates on social media platforms.


The “Auto-Share Job on Social Media” feature offers numerous benefits for streamlining the recruitment process, significantly enhancing job visibility and engagement across a wider audience. By automating the distribution of job postings, it saves time and resources while leveraging the vast networks of social media to attract high-quality candidates efficiently. This feature not only facilitates a faster hiring process through increased reach and engagement but also aids in building a positive employer brand by regularly showcasing company culture and job opportunities. Additionally, it provides valuable analytics for refining recruitment strategies and allows for customization in the sharing process, making it a cost-effective and flexible solution for companies looking to optimize their recruitment efforts.

Authorizing Networks

The system will automatically prompt you to authorize your networks when you set up Auto Share.

It’s easy, and can be done with a single click.
After setting up Auto Share your social networks will occasionally require you to re-authorize our app.

When this happens you will receive an email with a link to re-authorize.

You’ll also get notifications inside the app

Sharing on Facebook

Facebook doesn’t allow us to post on your behalf, so we’ll send you a reminder email with share links for nearby jobs instead. You can share these jobs directly from your email client with just one click.

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