Return on Investment

With an over 90% retention rate our clients universally see success...

We've helped over 300 brands, scaling from SMB to Fortune 500, in 50+ countries, with over 2 million users. With an over 90% retention rate, our clients universally see success...


What makes us unique? Our platform engages employees in ways your ATS could never dream of, delivering dramatic results.

Drive engagement with raffles, recommendations, recognition, campaigns, and more...

Communicate via email or text and incentivize everything from registration and referrals to applications and hires.

Target specific jobs, employees, departments, etc... Analytics and metrics show employee participation and drive success.

Our desktop and mobile apps help you roll out the red carpet for your employees and candidates, driving superior adoption and results.

Texting and AI Chatbot

Double your referral hires by engaging your workforce with SMS text messages.

With up to a 3x better response rate than email, texting is a core component
of your engagement strategy.

Our Al Chatbot helps employees submit referrals and candidates apply from their phone using natural language without needing to visit a portal.

Integrate with your ATS, HRIS, SSO, and CRM

Managing your referral program is a breeze with our seamless API, XML, and report based integrations.

Requisition, candidate, and employee data are always in sync, so you don’t need to run back-and-forth between our

Most of our integrations are API-based and secured with bidirectional 256 bit encryption. Experienced engineers on both sides of the integration manage, monitor, and maintain the connectors.

Our integrations are designed to work within the limited daily API calls supported by your ATS. Most of our clients use
nightly syncing but more frequent communication is possible if you have enough daily API call headroom.


Our application infrastructure is built and managed according to security best practices and standards. We use redundant and layered controls, continuous validation and testing, and a substantial amount of automation to ensure that the
underlying infrastructure is monitored and protected 24×7.

Our application architecture, database encryption, and access are secured, controlled, audited, and monitored by our in-house engineers. Our controls are SOC2 certified and have automated tools in place to ensure CCPA and GDPR data privacy standards are upheld.

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