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Recognizing the need for a transformative approach, the hospital partnered with, seeking to revamp its referral program. This collaboration marked the beginning of a new era in the hospital’s talent acquisition efforts. The introduction of brought about a comprehensive solution, tailor-made to address the unique challenges faced by the hospital. With sophisticated tracking tools and a robust analytics platform, the hospital could now accurately track and verify employee referrals, ensuring a transparent and credible process. This system enabled the institution to reward its employees for successful referrals, thereby incentivizing staff participation and engagement in the recruitment process. The impact of this strategic partnership was immediate and profound. Over the past seven years, the hospital has witnessed an astounding 9x increase in referred applicants, a testament to the effectiveness of the program.

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Key Components to Success

Organization IncreasesEase of Use

Organizing the program in one portal (mobile and desktop) where employees go for everything related to the referral program increases the ease of participating in the employee referral program. This created a consistent, simple, and engaging employee experience so employees come back and refer again.

ConsistencyImproves Culture

We infused the employee referral program into the company culture and backed it up with consistency in marketing. This includes regular digital communication but also training team members to talk about the program on a regular basis while leveraging gamification to increase employee engagement.

AutomationFrees Up Time

Automating reward tracking and employee engagement freed up admin time so they could be more involved in the creative aspects of the program. This allows the program to come alive and be more effective VS staying stagnant.

The Results

The solution that we offered to client

Portal branding
Referral Campaign
Employee Leaderboard
System Integration
Graphic Design Sevices
Video Design Services
24X5 Live Human Assistant
Centralised Billing

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